introducing the porter county commissioners

After NIA exposed the troubling manner in which the commissioners handled our equal access request, they proceeded to lose all control of their emotions. When Commissioner Jeff Good was confronted as to why he snapped “Go back to Michiana” as the NIA reps were leaving, his response was, “I don’t know. I said it 'cause I said it.” Commissioner Jim Biggs then jumped up out of his chair to accost the NIA reps, saying, “Don’t come in here causing trouble! Now I want you to leave!”

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We've learned a few things from our tabling events and talking with people in the community.

A lot of people want to be a member of NIA, but simply can't afford it. We appreciate this and are doing two things to address it. We never want the inability to pay for a membership to be the reason someone isn't a member of NIA.

The first thing we've done is created an Ally Membership that's only $12.00 annually. That's less than half the price of our Individual Membership. The second thing we've done is created a Gift Membership that can be purchased by anyone for only $5. Purchasing one of these Gift Memberships makes a free Ally Membership available to someone who can't afford even the minimum membership level. We currently have a waiting list of about a dozen people.

We also heard from people who want to purchase a Lifetime Membership, so we've created a $1,000 Lifetime Membership level.

All of our Membership Levels are open to atheists and our allies who share our vision for a government that represents all citizens equally and our passion for serving our community. Your Membership amplifies our voice and makes our impact even stronger.




If you would like to be a member of NIA and can’t afford it, send us a message and claim one of the available Free Ally Memberships! If no Ally Memberships are available, we will add you to a waiting list. Thank you for your support and thank you to the supporters who donate memberships!

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