Right Wing Watch

Many right-wing U.S. politicians don't believe in the separation of church and state. Instead, they want government policies and laws that are based on so-called Christian principles. They also want policies and laws that will enable Christian organizations to use government money to help fund their operations. As part of their effort to achieve their goals, these politicians and their proxies spend enormous sums of money to relentlessly disseminate lies and mis-information to the U.S. public.

Right Wing Watch is a project of People For the American Way (PFAW) dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities and rhetoric of right-wing activists and organizations in order to expose their extreme agenda. Their researchers monitor dozens of broadcasts, emails and websites, and use their expertise on right-wing movements to analyze and distill that information for media, allies and the general public. By shedding light on the activities of the right-wing movement, they help expose the risks its extreme and intolerant agenda presents to our country.

Troy Moss