LGBTQ Humanist Alliance


The LGBTQ Humanist Alliance seeks to cultivate safe and affirming communities, promote humanist values, and achieve full equality and social liberation of LGBTQ persons.

There are numerous LGBTQ rights issues that demand attention. This includes social issues that disproportionately impact queer communities like health care deprivations, homelessness, and violence targeting queer and trans people. The LGBTQ Humanist Alliance is dedicated to realizing a more inclusive humanism that confronts these issues through raising awareness.

They pursue their mission by working together at the national level to build a thriving grassroots network of local affiliates devoted to compassionate activism. Through grassroots activism, they work to raise awareness, advance social progress of queer communities, and build relationships with other corresponding and allied communities. This grassroots effort also seeks to prepare projects at the national level to be executed at the local level in furtherance of our values and aspirations.

Troy Moss