Latinx Humanist Alliance

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The American Humanist Association is excited to announce our new affinity group, the Latinx Humanist Alliance!

The Latinx Humanist Alliance’s mission is to facilitate social justice activism among, expand the visibility of, and foster safe spaces for Latinx humanists. In service of their mission, the alliance will develop a speakers bureau, build a nationwide network of Latinx humanists, and advise and work alongside the AHA on social justice legislative advocacy.

“There is a lack of Latinx perspectives in vital conversations throughout the country. The Latinx Humanist Alliance seeks to change this by empowering Latinx humanists and amplifying the voices of those of us who are hard at work organizing and empowering our national community. We are made up of bold and unapologetic activists who seek to ensure that Latinx individuals are present at vital humanistic activities and conferences, as well as are being heard by humanistic and otherwise irreligious communities and organizations,” says Luciano Gonzalez, co-chair of the Latinx Humanist Alliance.

Gonzalez emphasizes, “We are mission-driven, detail-oriented, and ready to put in the work needed to become a powerful national voice and make ongoing conversations and events more inclusive." Gonzalez is a Puerto Rican activist and emerging leader in the international nontheist movement. He also runs the Sin God blog discussing Latin-American culture, secular humanism, and history at Patheos.

The Latinx Humanist Alliance will join the Feminist Humanist Alliance, Black Humanist Alliance, and LGBTQ Humanist Alliance in the AHA’s family of social justice affinity organizations.

Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera, co-chair of the Latinx Humanist Alliance, says, “Latinx Americans have been at the forefront of many movements for social justice. The Latinx Humanist Alliance is a vehicle for social justice-oriented Latinx Humanists to be visibly ‘good without a God’ in those movements and demonstrate our leadership.” As a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Humanist Studies and as a member of the editorial boards of Secularism and Nonreligion and Secular Studies, Navarro-Rivera is one of the leading scholars at the intersection of race, religion, and politics in the United States.

As a progressive philosophy of life based on rationality and scientific reasoning, humanism rejects the racism and misogyny that have long been used by humankind to dehumanize, marginalize, and oppress members of our community. The American Humanist Association, in its commitment to social justice, directly disrupts oppressive systems through legal and legislative advocacy, education, partnerships, and the social justice alliances. Through this work and with a focus on aspiring to the greater good of humanity, the American Humanist Association continues to build the kind of inclusive world meant for all.

Troy Moss