Atheist Revolution


The United States is caught in the grasp of widespread religious delusion and Christian privilege. Secular education, and science education in particular, suffer from the promotion of superstition and myth. Social norms discourage even mild criticism of religious belief, and nonbelievers are demonized by liberals and conservatives alike. Anti-atheist bigotry is common and rarely brings rebuke.


We need a revolution of the mind, a new era of Enlightenment when the shackles of faith are thrown off and reason is once again valued. For Atheist Revolution, this revolution is not about eradicating religious belief; it is about showing people that it is unnecessary, irrational, and often destructive.

This blog is a valuable resource for skeptics, agnostics, atheists, progressives, or anyone who wants to help bring about a better world. It is especially helpful in revealing the harm caused to society by organized religion, particularly the hate and violence that result from Christian extremism. It points out examples of this harm through frequent posts about recent acts of repression and violence perpetrated by religious groups. It also offers links to other websites and blogs that contain related information.

Troy Moss