MARCH 2019


Our social events are growing! We are in the process of ironing out the details of a monthly game night. That should be a lot of fun.

Take a look below and see what we have going on in March and mark your calendar for the big Atheist Easter Fundraiser in April. You read that right. ;)



equal access highlights ordinance violations

Our activism has paid off! For years an Evangelical Christian ministry has set up a table on the lawn of the Elkhart County Courthouse. Groups of up to 10 ministry members would accost people who were going in and out of the only entrance to the government building to do business. We filed complaints about their multiple ordinance violations and after many months the county has decided to revise their ordinances to curb the harassment. We're glad to see that the county will no longer be tolerating groups that use harassing behavior to try and convert people to their religion.



NIA helping the homeless

On March 6th, NIA volunteered at the weather amnesty homeless shelter in South Bend, Indiana. One of our board members baked three trays of amazing desserts that was added to the evening food supplied for free to the men and women sheltering there during the cold night.


support nia

Want an easy way to support Northern Indiana Atheists? Kroger has a Community Rewards program which donates a portion of every purchase to the charity of your choice. Just go to https://www.kroger.com/account/communityrewards Search for "Northern Indiana Atheists" and click "Enroll". Then just use your Kroger Rewards card every time you shop and you'll be helping to support NIA! Learn other ways to support NIA at: https://northernindianaatheists.com/donate-2



there is no godcast

On the sixth episode of There Is No Godcast, Noah goes off about a local con artists who pretends to deliver messages to grieving alive people, from not-alive dead people. Followed by a much more positive-oriented conversation with MRS. TING! His amazing wife Molly joins the show to give her very own Atheist Story Time!


links to educational resources

We have a lot of atheist and secular resource links on our website: https://northernindianaatheists.com/education/ - If there are other educational resources you would like to see us promote, please let us know.



atheist brewtalk

On Thursday, March 21st, NIA will host another Atheist BrewTalk in Goshen, Indiana at the Goshen Brewing Company. Members and allies are welcome to come enjoy delicious food and beverages with members of NIA. This is a family-friendly venue, so everyone is welcome.


atheist day

We atheists and atheist allies hereby declare that from now on, March 23rd is Atheist Day. We recognize the struggle of atheists to live authentic lives in many parts of the world. The struggle to openly affirm one’s atheism. The fear of intolerant governments, mobs, and religious zealots. On Atheist Day we shall take a stand for our right to be treated equal and for those of us in countries where atheists are persecuted and live under a threat of death.


coffee & conversation

On Thursday, March 28th, NIA will host another of our Coffee & Conversation events at the Electric Brew in Elkhart, Indiana. Everyone is welcome to this one as well. We've had new people show up every time and the conversations are always interesting.


atheist easter fundraiser

print me!

Shop at any of the three Five Below stores in Northern Indiana to stock up on all your Easter supplies and raise money for your favorite atheist nonprofit!

April 13th - 20th

• Mishawaka Five Below, 6502 Grape Rd, IN 46544
• Elkhart Five Below, 205 Country Rd 6E, IN 46514
• Goshen Five Below, 3822 Midway Rd, IN 46526

How does it work?
It’s simple! 10% of the purchases made by NIA shoppers will be donated back to NIA! All they ask is that the flyer is presented to the cashier at the time of purchase.


join us at one of our social events

Join our Meetup Group and watch for future events!

We'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to email any questions, comments, suggestions, state/church violations, or anything else you'd like to discuss to Troy Moss at president@northernindianaatheists.com

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