NIA Homeless Clothing Drive

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Northern Indiana Atheists is having a clothing drive to help the homeless and needy in our community. Bring your new or gently used clothing items to any of our social events to add to the donation box. We will do one large donation in the Fall and again in the Spring. All clothing donated will be given out free to people in need.

Michiana Five for the Homeless is on a mission to to restore dignity to the homeless and poor by providing basic survival supplies and by advocating for them. Along with that, they assist local agencies, shelters, and soup kitchens that serve them. They also educate the public about homelessness and inspire others to do random acts of kindness towards all those who are in need.

They do not discriminate when it comes to the homeless they serve or in any member of the community who wishes to support their efforts. “We do not care who you are or what your personal beliefs are, if you care about the homeless in any way whether it’s for religious beliefs or simply humanitarian beliefs, we need you, and we’re glad to have your support!”


Michiana Five for the Homelss focuses largely on winter wear and can use socks, coats, jeans, hats, gloves, and thermal socks.

Northern Indiana Atheists is proud to be working with Michiana Five for the Homeless to help the homeless in our community.

NIA will work with any religious group if our end goals are the same and they have a rock-solid non-discrimination policy. The religious organizations we work with already have a network and established clientele of people who need our help. We do the most good by working together. Bring your clothing donations to any of our Northern Indiana Atheists events.

Northern Indiana Atheists is an organization established to fight state/church violations on a local level and defend the rights of atheists across Northern Indiana.

Membership is open to atheists and our allies who share our vision for a government that represents all citizens equally, our passion for serving our community, and our enjoyment of educating people on what it means to be an atheist in Northern Indiana.

Troy Moss