NIA Clothing Drive for People In Need

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Shepherd’s Cove Clothing Pantry in Elkhart, Indiana, is run entirely by volunteers. The director, board, and staff all donate their time to make this community asset available to those in need.

They help around 400 families per month, giving away around $650,000 worth of merchandise per year. Families can use their services once a month with no limitations on what they receive free, except for furniture. Anyone from any area is welcome to use their services.


The Cove helps any family, regardless of age, sex, marital status, pregnancy, sexuality, physical or intellectual impairment, race or religion. And, they have absolutely no religious prerequisites or for families who need help.

The biggest need their clients have is children’s clothing. They also have a personal care program where the clients may choose two items such as toilet paper, shampoo, diapers, laundry detergent, dish soap, and toothbrushes to take with them. They are always looking for donations of these types of items.

"All of us working together can help relieve stress for those in need."

NIA will work with any religious group if our end goals are the same and they have a rock-solid non-discrimination policy. The religious organizations we work with already have a network and established clientele of people who need our help. We do the most good by working together. Bring your clothing donations to any of our Northern Indiana Atheists events.

Northern Indiana Atheists is an organization established to fight state/church violations on a local level and defend the rights of atheists across Northern Indiana.

Membership is open to atheists and our allies who share our vision for a government that represents all citizens equally, our passion for serving our community, and our enjoyment of educating people on what it means to be an atheist in Northern Indiana.

Troy Moss